rocks to riches

Written by Elisabeth Donati & Jan K. Ruskin

Nan Webster’s summer hasn’t started out very well and, given her disenchantment with life in general, she isn’t holding out much hope for more. There just doesn’t seem to be anything good about being 12, especially since she’s now old enough to take care of her little sister, Kara. If that isn’t enough, her best friend, Jack, is hanging out with Millie Medlin, the one girl in the whole world that Nan can’t stand.

Things get a little more interesting, however, when Nan takes Kara to visit Jack’s pot-bellied pig, Chubbs. It turns out that there’s a new boy in town. His name is Ace Emerson, and he just happens to be Jack’s new stepbrother. Given the alternative of spending more time alone with Kara in their stuffy apartment, Nan decides she has nothing to lose!

As the summer progresses, Nan and her friends (and Chubbs, of course) find themselves on an urgent quest to save Millie’s home. Because Millie always seems to get what she wants, Nan assumed she was rich. But looks can be deceiving when it comes to money and wealth.

chubbsAs the adventure unfolds, 5-year-old Kara uncovers the “stepping stones to wealth”, which take them on an altogether different journey. As they move through their summer, Nan and the others deepen their bonds in family and friendship and learn that they are indeed rich in the deepest sense of the word.

Authors’ Note: The foundation of this story is inspired by the philosophies espoused in Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”.  

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