Rocks to Riches...The new Financial Adventure that is delighting kids and adults alike!

Rocks to Riches: Think and Grow Rich for Kids
Elisabeth Donati

Elisabeth Donati

Born and raised on farms in Michigan and Bend, Oregon, Elisabeth learned how to do just about everything...except what to do with money. Little did she know that once she taught herself, she would have a whole new career teaching others about money, investing and creating businesses they love.
Elisabeth is now the Pres./CEO of Creative Wealth Intl., LLC and creator of the innovative financial education programs Camp Millionaire, The Money Game®, Creative Cash for Kids and more. She trains people all over the globe to empower kids and teens to be responsible for themselves and the world. She is a very successful financial coach helping people with money and business.

After writing The Ultimate Allowance for parents, she decided to try her hand at a financial book for youth. Rocks to Riches is her first Kids’ Financial Adventure, a genre she hopes will catch on as financial education becomes as commonplace as reading, writing, and arithmetic!
When she’s not teaching, writing, or developing new programs, you can find Elisabeth in Santa Barbara, California, swimming, doing a bit of yoga, baking gluten-free muffins and cookies and tending her wine-barrel garden ~ the things she enjoys most!

Elisabeth likes to say that her purpose in life is inviting people to think differently about everything. Read more about Elisabeth here.

Jan Ruskin

Jan Ruskin

Jan has spent most of her professional life collecting experiences. Starting out in politics, then moving into film and television, education, and life coaching, she is now advocating for financial education. The common thread throughout has been writing, and Jan is thrilled to step into her dream of being a published author.

One of the things Jan loves most about writing is letting the characters tell their own story. In fact, it was actually Nan Webster who coaxed Jan into co-writing Rocks to Riches. Originally brought in as a copy editor, Jan ended up spending more of her time jotting down Nan’s thoughts and ideas than correcting punctuation. Pretty soon, R2R became a collaborative project!

Jan lives in Santa Barbara, California with her husband, son, and two stepdaughters.


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